Year: 2014


Ingersoll IN1411SL46mmRp 7.000.000Rp 5.750.000 Ingersoll Burlington INQ017WHSL45mmRp 3.600.000Rp 2.900.000 Ingersoll Compton INQ029BKSL46mmRp 3.600.000Rp 2.900.000 Ingersoll IN1411RBK46mmRp 7.600.000  Rp 6.200.000 Ingersoll IN4511RSL Okies Automatic46mmRp 7.200.000Rp 5.900.000 Ingersoll Men’s INQ003SLRS Milford45mmRp 2.400.000 Rp 1.950.000 Ingersoll Men’s INQ012WHSL Springfield40mmRp 3.000.000  Rp 2.450.000 Ingersoll Milford INQ003SLSL45mmRp 2.200.000 Rp 1.800.000 Ingersoll Santa Monica IN1313RSLRp 5.000.000  Rp 4.050.000 Ingersoll Wellington INQ028WHBK45mmRp 3.600.000Rp 2.900.000 […]


MALE  Fossil Grant Chronograph  FS4885 Rp 1.661.000 Fossil Grant Chronograph FS4767Rp 1.661.000 Fossil Machine Mid Size FS4656 1.732.000 Fossil Decker Chronograph CH2882  Rp 1.323.000 Fossil Decker Chronograph CH2885  Rp 1.323.000 FEMALE Fossil Boyfriend ES3616 Rp 1.548.000 Fossil Georgia Mini ES3270Rp 1.548.000 Fossil Georgia Glitz ES3226Rp 1.773.000 Fossil Georgia Glitz ES3227  Rp 1.773.000 Fossil Georgia Glitz Three […]

Mini Cooper

UPDATE MINI COOPER  DESEMBER 2015 Mini 44ESRp 5.525.000 Mini 160402Rp 5.015.000 Mini 160405Rp 5.015.000 Mini 160404Rp 5.015.000 Mini 160403Rp 5.015.000 Mini 160401Rp 5.015.000 Mini 160105Rp 6.545.000 Mini 160108Rp 6.545.000 Mini 160120Rp 7.522.000 Mini 160305Rp 5.695.000 Mini 160116Rp 6.205.000 Mini 160117Rp 6.205.000 Mini 160101Rp 6.545.000 Mini 160107Rp 6.545.000 Mini16 Rp  Mini 06S Rp  Mini 09 Rp  […]

New Update: Expedition E6640MA Automatic dan E6643M

Jam Tangan Original EXPEDITION E6640MA Automatic dan E6643M New Update 23 December 2014 EXPEDITION E6640MA AUTOMATIC Black Black 42mm 5atm Rp 1.525.000 EXPEDITION E6640MA AUTOMATIC Black Orange 42mm 5atm Rp 1.525.000 EXPEDITION E6640MA AUTOMATIC Brown Black 42mm 5atm Rp 1.525.000 EXPEDITION E6640MA AUTOMATIC Brown Red 42mm 5atm Rp 1.525.000 EXPEDITION E6643M Black Gold 47mm 5 […]


Fossil Machine Mid Size FS4656 CALL! Fossil Grant FS4992Rp 1.548.000 Fossil Townsman FS4987 Rp 1.773.000 Fossil Wakefield CH2944Rp 1.486.000 Fossil Nate Chronograph Leather JR1424  Rp 1.683.000 Fossil Nate Chronograph Stainless JR1401, 50mm Rp 2.150.000 Fossil Nate Chronograph Stainless JR 1355 Rp 1.946.000 Fossil Nate Chronograph Leather JR1354 Rp 1.683.000 Fossil Modern Machine FS4929Rp 1.886.000 Fossil Townsman Chronograph Leather FS4865 Rp […]


GA-110CM-3ADRRp 1.775.000 GA-110CM-8ADRRp 1.775.000 GA-110MR-4ADRRp 1.578.000 GA-1000-4BDRRp 2.529.000 GD-400-2DRRp 1.188.000 GD-400-3DR Rp 1.188.000 GD-400-9DRRp 1.188.000 GLS-8900CM-1DRRp 1.346.000 GLS-8900CM-2DRRp 1.346.000 GLS-8900CM-4DRRp 1.346.000 GLS-8900CM-8DRRp 1.346.000 GMA-S110CC-2ADRRp 1.767.000 GMA-S110CC-3ADRRp 1.767.000 GMA-S110CC-4ADRRp 1.767.000 GMA-S110HC-1ADRRp 1.767.000 GMA-S110HC-2ADRRp 1.767.000 GMA-S110HC-6ADRRp 1.767.000 GMD-6900CC-2DRRp 1.166.000 GMD-6900CC-4DRRp 1.166.000 GMD-S6900SM-1DRRp 1.166.000 GMD-S6900SM-4DRRp 1.166.000 GW-7900B-1ER (LIMITED)Rp 1.950.000 EF-305-1AVDR Rp 666.000 SGW-100-1VDRRp 1.200.000 Order: 08787.3245.499 (SMS, Whats app) […]


Jam Tangan TITAN Titan Company Ltd. (formerly Titan Industries Ltd. and Titan Watches Ltd. Indian designer and manufacturer of watches, jewellery, precision engineering components and other accessories including sunglasses, wallets, bags, belts, fragrances and helmets. It is a joint venture between the Tata Group, and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation.Titan is the world’s fifth […]

UPDATE 19 November 2014 (Tag Heuer, Fossil, Swiss Army, Lotus, Jeep, CAT, Teiwe)

AQUARACER Tag Heuer AQUARACER 27MM WAF1414.BA0823 Tag Heuer Aquaracer 27mm WAF1419.BA0813 Tag Heuer AQUARACER 27MM WAP1450.BD0837 TAG Heuer Aquaracer 32mm WAY1311.BA0915  Tag Heuer AQUARACER AUTOMATIC 34 MM WAP2350.BD0838 Tag Heuer AQUARACER Cal 7 Automatic 500M CALIBRE 7 GMT AUTOMATICWAK211A.BA0830 TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5 500M WAJ2110.BA0870 Tag Heuer AQUARACER CALIBRE 16 AUTOMATIC CAP2112.BA0833 Tag Heuer […]

TEIWE Swiss Jewellery Watch

Jam Teiwe dibuat dari swiss dan semua diamond yg terdapat pada teiwe merupakan diamond africa asli bersertifikat. garansi resmi international 1 tahun. TEIWE 2055S AUTOMATIC,DIAMOND CERTIFICATE Rp 7.906.000Male 45mm kulit TEIWE 2062G AUTOMATIC,DIAMOND CERTIFICATERp 7.906.000Male 45mm kulit TEIWE 2955LB CERAMIC DIAMOND CERTIFICATERp 8.645.000Female35mm TEIWE 2955MW CERAMIC DIAMOND CERTIFICATERp 5.635.000Female35mm TEIWE 2972B Ceramic DIAMOND CERTIFICATERp 10.238.000Female […]