UPDATE DESEMBER 2017 (Fossil, Casio G-Shock)

Casio G-Shock MTG G1000D 1A2JF
Diameter 55mm
GPS Hybrid Waveceptor
Sapphire crystal
Calendar until 2099
Shock resist
Vibration resist
Centrifugal gravitation resist

Rp 26.000.000
Rp 16.900.000

Fossil Machine Chronograph FS5361
Leather 45mm
Rp 2.724.000
Rp 2.243.000
Fossil The Minimalist FS5371
Leather 44mm
Rp 2.015.000
Rp 1.661.000
Fossil Machine Chronograph FS4931
Stainless steel 45mm
Rp 2.315.000
Rp 1.886.000
Fossil Townsman Chronograph FS5345
Stainless steel 45mm
Rp 3.150.000
Rp 2.562.000
Fossil Townsman Chronograph FS5347
Stainless steel 45mm
Rp 3.150.000
Rp 2.562.000

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