Casio G-Shock GPR-B1000TF-1 Rangeman Magma Ocean 35th Anniversary

Rp30.000.000 Rp19.500.000

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These new 35th Anniversary MAGMA OCEAN models mark the 35 years since G-SHOCK first started on its mission of unmatched timekeeping toughness back in 1983.
The band surfaces, back cover, metal parts and face are accented with G-SHOCK red, along with brilliant red gold and yellow gold coloring to commemorate G-SHOCK’s 35th anniversary.
These models incorporate the basics of the early G-SHOCK of 35 years ago while at the same time adding new value with a theme based on the magma ocean that covered the Earth at its beginning.
Base models are the MTG-B1000 MT-G, which packs absolute toughness into a refined metal design, the GPR-B1000 RANGEMAN that was designed with survivalist toughness in mind, and the GWF-1000 FROGMAN diver’s watch.
Features that identify these models as special timepieces are back covers impressed with the 35th Anniversary logo, and distinctive packaging.


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