Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000E-1A Limited Edition 2000 PCS Worldwide

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Casio Oceanus OCW-G1000E-1A Limited Edition 2000 PCS Worldwide

[OCEANUS GPS hybrid radio solar Limited Edition]

From birth since 2004, “Elegance, Technology” on the brand concept, high-quality and high-performance continue to pursue Oceanus GPS hybrid radio solar (*), model OCW-G1000 series World 2000 book appeared in limited.
Color image of Earth at night as seen from space is called the black marble mats.
Express Gold accented second hand and inside the bezel ring light on Earth, Navy Blue bezel and dial ring represents the darkness of the Earth.

With attention to detail the new Navy Blue IP bezel.
Oriel Rome: ashirai the crystalline Sapphire Crown top and needle shaft centre and thick mats mother-of-Pearl in the alphabet.
Second hand from various Visual visibility to keep Konan Maru solid hand adopted.
Is a model presents an elegant adults seeking premium Oceanus GPS hybrid radio solar is different from others.

* See GPS hybrid radio solar”
Is the ability to fix time measurement of position by GPS (Global Positioning System: pan-global positioning (positioning of global aviation) system), and driven in Casio’s own solar charging system or radio.

GPS hybrid radio solar
In world 6 standard radio receiver and receiver of the time from the GPS satellite, location information, automatic daylight saving time settings provides stable driven by tough solar display correct time around the world
Display time in two cities at the same time dualdialworld time (time zone city 27 40)
Needle position automatic compensation
Smart access
• 1 / 20-second stopwatch
Achieve a compact, lightweight while GPS hybrid radio solar
• High flatness polishing especially finishing
-Double-sided anti-reflective cortingdualcurvesafaiagaras boasts a 99% transparency
-Newly developed Navy Blue IP bezel
And recrystallization of the octahedral with blue Sapphire Crown
• Recrystallization Sapphire needle shaft

-Tough solar (solar charging system)
-10 ATM water resistant features
-GPS radio receiver
Auto answer (time received a maximum of one time per day) or manual receive (receive location, time received)
-Standard radio receiver: receive automatically (up to 6 times per day) (China Radio up to 5 times per day)
[Japan] received radio:JJY, frequency: 40kHz/60kHz (Fukushima, Kyushu Bureau of both models)
[North America] received radio:WWVB, frequency: 60 kHzv
[European Community] received radio:MSF/DCF77, frequency:60kHz/77.5kHz
[China] receiving radio:BPC, frequency:68.5kHz
* Receive and urban home settings standard radio receiver that can be configured according to the City Office.
The time is set by the populated city or time zone.
-Needle position auto-correction feature
-Airplane mode
-World time
27 cities (with 40 time zones and daylight saving time automatic settings) + UTC (universal coordinated time) time display
1 / 20 second, 24-gauge
-Battery charge warning function
-Power saving features
Stop sewing after certain period of time in the dark and conserves.
-Date and day of the week
-Full Auto calendar
With neo-Brite
Using luminescent light to absorb in a short time, keep shining in the dark for a long time.
-Spherical, curved glass
Watch glass spherical surface and surface finish.
-World limited quantity: 2000
-In solar power with no driving time from full charge
Feature used when: 7 months
If the power saving state: 18 months

■ accuracy: average month difference ± 15 seconds (non-receipt)
♦ case / bezel material: Titanium (TIC processing, processing some IP)
♦ glass: dualcurvesafaiagaras (double-sided anti-reflective coating)
■ band: Titan MK (TIC processing)
♦ in distillate: push 3 case expressions
♦ size:51.1 x 46.1 mm
♦ thick:15.5mm
Is ♦ weight: 106 g
♦ arms around: 150-205 mm.


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